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About Eric

Eric Henry was born on April 13, 1984 in Mishawaka and was the baby of the family. He is missed by his older brother TJ, his sister Melissa, his stepsisters Regina, Alex and Vicki and his stepbrother Nick. He attended St. Joseph Grade School in Mishawaka and graduated in 1998.

Eric loved everything about sports. In grade school he played basketball, football and soccer. He also enjoyed little league baseball. Of all of the sports, he enjoyed playing football in the Catholic Football League the most.  Eric then went on to Marian High School.  Instead of going out for sports he decided to take an after school job. He loved intramural basketball with his friends and he was a terror in the summer pickup games. He had some awesome moves on the court. Eric also had a great time white water rafting with his family.

If you wanted to know names of players and their stats Eric would be able to rattle them off. His favorite teams were the Bulls, the Bears, Florida State and Notre Dame. One of his Christmas gifts was a ticket to a Bears game on December 16th, 2001. He had a great time with his friends.

Eric loved a variety of music and copied many CD's for his friends. His favorites were the Dave Matthews Band and Pink Floyd. His classmates dedicated the song to him called "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.

Eric will always be remembered for his big heart. His friends would say that he was always there to listen to their problems. He could always make them laugh. Eric was also kind to incoming freshman and the classmates that he didn't know very well. He was always friendly, trying to make them feel comfortable and welcome. It could be said that Eric lived his faith everyday. He saw Christ in others.

On February 13th, Ash Wednesday Eric made a promise to "try to be more giving". He talked about committing more "random acts of kindness.  One of Eric's last thoughtful acts occurred on Valentines Day. He had received a few dollars from his grandmother in the mail the day before. Eric gave it to his friend so that he could give a rose to his girlfriend . Eric died on Valentines Day, 2002 as a result of a car accident. He was just 17 yrs. old and beginning his second semester has a senior at Marian High School.
The following poem by Roy Lessin is dedicated to Eric and all that knew and loved him.
The Impact of One Life

When a stone is dropped
into a lake, it quickly
disappears from sight-
but its impact leaves behind
a series of ripples
that broaden and reach
across the water.

In the same way,
the impact of one life
lived for christ
will leave behind
an influence for good
that will reach the
lives of many others.

This  website is dedicated in loving memory of my son Eric Henry and to the students and members of the community
who continue to fulfill Eric's Promise "to try to be more giving".
St. Vincent De Paul Society St. Joseph County Indiana